Sustainable tourism in Cambodia matters!

Traveling is one of our favourite activities, but sometimes it can have a harmful effect on the environment. It may also put pressure on the environment, especially when there’s a huge number of visitors in regions where the resources are already inadequate, like in Cambodia.

Unrestrained traditional tourism can be a possible threat to lots of natural resources in South East Asia, including:

  • Forests regularly endure the destructive effect of tourism due to deforestation created by land clearing for hotels, as well as being used as building material and fuel for the tourism industry.
  • Loss of natural habitat and wildlife due to loss of natural environment and forest that leads to degradation of local biodiversity. As many as 23 endangered or critically endangered species can be found in just one corner of Cambodia, in the wilderness that gently bumps up to Vietnam’s boarders.
  • Water shortage – It is very evident that the tourism industry overuses the water resources for the development of golf courses, swimming pools, hotels, and even the personal use of water by some tourists.
  • Tourism may positively impact Cambodia and the large cities in terms of economic advantages, employment opportunities, foreign exchange earnings, and growth in the service sector, however very little of these benefits trickle down to remote areas and rural communities.

For these and many other reasons, sustainable tourism in Cambodia matters. We think, as many others do, that the impact of our travels on the environment, local community and local eco-systems should be minimal.

We know that your time is precious, your vacation time is short and the year is long, and that you might have many options for your gap year.

There are far too many options for where to go, what to see and what activities you should choose to do. If you choose to travel sustainably in Cambodia, it does not mean missing out on the many awe-inspiring, once in a lifetime experience that this diverse, beautiful, fascinating and complex country has to offer. On the contrary, sustainable tourism is your passport into an authentic experience in Cambodia and this part of Southeast Asia.

With so many places to choose from and with such a wide range of experiences on offer, it can be extremely confusing and difficult to make the most sustainable and “green” choice for your trip. WE HEAR YOU! You want to choose carefully where we go, where we stay and how we use our money… ensuring that your money is used wisely and that your spending meets your values and principles.

We understand how damaging it is: to visit children’s orphanages, to go to animal petting wildlife sanctuaries or to pay for riding the elephants… therefore the only way to be and to travel to SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE TOURISM IN CAMBODIA.

If we can get more people, like you, to  choose local community based  tourism experiences and visits to ecotourism sites, sustainable tourism  can become an effective tool for sustainable development in rural Cambodia. Here are just few examples of the power sustainable travel has:

  • As a direct result of your visit,  local communities will be able to achieve an increase in their families income, leading to a reduction in poverty and more educational opportunities for their children.  This is possible due to the creation of  alternative livelihood options through community-based tourism businesses and employment opportunities.
  • It helps to safeguard natural resources and it helps to protect endangered species such as gibbons, elephants, Giant Ibises etc.
  • Empowered local communities – especially for women and young people.


For you, sustainable travel not only offers you the chance to see a side of Cambodia that few do, but it also enables travelers to have “real” experiences while meeting local people, experiencing the richness of local culture and exploring the natural biodiversity.

Year 2017 was appointed as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by the United Nations with the campaign slogan of Travel.Enjoy.Respect. Since the start of the year, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) – the United Nations Specialized Agency for Tourism has been working tirelessly to raise awareness of the extensive role sustainable tourism plays in development, and its immense socio-economic opportunities while encouraging all stakeholders to work together to build a better, more sustainable future through tourism.




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