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DESCRIPTION Virachey National Park was established in was initiated by the Ministry of Environment under the project “Biodiversity and protected Areas Management Project with the fund support from the World bank. Virachey National Park is the largest National Park among seven other National Parks in Cambodia. It offers an incredible insight into the variety of Cambodia’s remaining wilderness and wildlife. The main objectives of CBET were to encourage the local community to participate to protect and conserve its environment and biodiversity for the future. Travelling in the Virachey park is a very unique experience; you are deep into the heart of nature.


There are  several accomodation options and a few tour operators working in the national park:


  • Sleep in a homestay in the indigenous village: equiped with basic material such as mosquito net, mattress, and toilet .
  • Camping  overnight in the forest with hammocks ( Make sure you bring your own hammock) and your own towel


  • Trekking and wildlife watching
  • Sleep over night in the Forest
  • Rent a kayak and swim in the River-cliff
  • Meet the indigenous people and discover their culture
  • Traditional dance


Travelling from Phnom Penh, take a VIP minibus to Sean Monourun (Mondulkiri capital). From there you will be able to book a local minibus to Ban Lung (Ratanakiri capaital). The minivans to Ratanakiri leave in the mornings, so you will most likely need to spend a night in Sean Monourun.

Travelling from Siem Reap to Banlung, there is a very good connection with large bus from Sourya bus station. Virachey National park is 50 km away from Banlung. During dry season it takes roughly 1 hour to get there by car or 1 and a half hours by moto. During the rainy season the drive takes about 4 / 5 hours due to the road conditions. You can rent a motorbike directly from your guesthouse, it is 5-7$ for a day.


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NOT TO BE MISSED Unique experience of trekking in the Virachey National park through the two different types of forest, the deciduous Forest and Ever green Forest. Sleeping over in the jungle and listen to the sounds as you  sleep with natures music. Experience the indigenous culture and lifestyle such as the traditional upland farmland and rural activities. Be thrilled by the natural beauty of the unique sand banks and swimming in the rapids. The best way to start your trip is by visiting the Ecotourism Center in Banlung.  From there drive by motorbike to Taveng District and continue to Tabok village. Take a boat from there to go up stream on O’Tabok river, a small tributary of Sesan river, with birds and flowers along the river bank. You will arrive in Mondol Yorn village, an ethnic Brau village on the edge of the National park. Make contact with the host family and take a bath in the river. Timing:

  •  Banlung to Tabok village ~ 1.5hrs in dry season (2hrs in wet season)
  • Tabok village to Cheour Teng Cliff ~ 20 min/ Choeur Teng Cliff to Mondol Yorn village ~2 hrs

1 – 2 DAYS STAY The local community can organise 2-3 days treks in the forest for you. Some of the highlights are:

  • Your host family can take you for a walk from the village via the plateaus of tall trees, look out for wildlife along the trail. You cross different types of bamboo forest before you walk up Yeak Kong Kriev Mountain. There you have an amazing view over the nearby hills and forest valleys. Explore the top of the mountain and cross the grassland, where in rainy season often animals come to drink from the water hole.
  • If you continue to trek down the steep mountain and through several stream valleys before you stop for lunch. Walking deeper in the forest, you will see a small mountain area to reach Yeake Waterfall. In rainy season, it is impressive scene. In dry season, the waterfall gives enough water for a bath and peaceful sound of waterfall music. There you can set up the camp with a little bonfire to cook and warm up for the night.
  • In  the morning, you can hear the calls of gibbons and other wildlife.

Virachey Park

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