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Come and enjoy the green village of Run Ta Ek, set in rural farmland within an hour from Siem Reap. Explore this village and learn about the farm work that happens here. Enjoy a tour on an ox cart to get to see the farmland and rice fields, and try your hand at preparing traditional Khmer snacks. After a day of exploring, relax in the restaurant over a traditional Khmer meal, and spend the night in a traditional Khmer stilted home.


Run Ta Ek is a community that was built for families relocating from the Angkor Area. This is a village that predominantly relies on farming, however, they have also created a small community tourism project in the village.

Chanthou Nga, deputy manager for the project ‘Run Ta Ek is a new village so when the residents started moving in we had a lot of say about what we needed for our farming and our tourism projects. Because we were able to work out what we needed, it means that we can offer guests very good services. It also means that the whole community is bought into the project too. Tourism provides an important income to many people in the village as it provides jobs and training in hospitality. I started working here after working for the tourism department in Siem Reap, and I love getting to work in the village where I live because I don’t have far to travel and this means that I can spend mre time with my 6 year old daughter.’

The community tourism project has become popular – the site now can accommodate up to 40 people at a time and regularly hosts small tour groups.

Run Ta Ek community is also involved with numerous other programmes, especially agricultural and educational programmes. They often host groups of university students to show them around the farm and teach them about their farming practices.

Run Ta Ek is supported by the local department for tourism in Siem Reap, who provide training in hospitality, eco tourism and environmental and agricultural techniques too, meaning that tourism has bought a lot business and educational opportunities to the community.

As Run Ta Ek is a fairly new village, it has been designed in a way to ensure easily accessible facilities for guests. It is set in attractive and well maintained gardens and offers more western style facilities than more traditional homestays can usually accommodate. Despite being remote, the road there is for the most part in very good condition, and the way is clearly signposted.

Khmer style accommodation

Guests will stay in traditional Khmer style housing. This means that you will sleep in the upstairs room of a stilted house. These are not homestays, but traditional cottages. They sleep between 6-8 people in simple shared accommodation. All houses come with a mattress and pillow, mosquito net and a fan. The homestays have a mix of western and Khmer style bathrooms.

Large restaurant

Guests take their meals in a large restaurant area in the centre of the village. It is a focal point for community and tour gatherings too, making it a lively place. All food is cooked on site by community members and is traditional Khmer style. Where possible, all produce comes from the local Run Ta Ek vegetable gardens and farms.

Ability to accommodate large groups

Unlike some of our smaller community projects, Run Ta Ek can be a destination for individual travellers as well as people in larger groups.

There is plenty to do at Run Ta Ek. The pretty manicured gardens and spectacular lakeside pagoda are the perfect starting points for village exploration.

Explore the village

Walk around the quite lanes of Run Ta Ek and get the feel of the village. The is a small shop for villagers to buy essentials, and to trade produce with each other. Look inside the huge lakeside pagoda before taking a walk around the lake. Look at the thousands of fish in the lake, and count the numerous types of tree that have recently been planted around the lake.

Ox Cart Tours

Run Ta Ek is at its heart a farming community. Perhaps the best way to get an understanding of village life is on a tour of the vegetable gardens and fields around the village. You will get to see what vegetables are used for family consumption and what they grow to be sold. You will also get to understand which crops can be grown together to achieve sustainable yields. This informative tour will give you fascinating insight into rural Cambodian farming.

Cooking Classes

Learn how to make Kralen, a popular Cambodian snack. It is sticky rice with black beans cooked in coconut milk and stuffed and baked inside bamboo. It is a fun and hands on class that shows you how to make the rice and prepare the bamboo cane for the rice, and of course, get to try it once it is made.

Getting PP-to Run Ta Ek Eco-village (Eco Village homestay Cambodia-GYGC) in the Prasat Bakong neighborhood of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Take the VIP Bus in Phnom Penh 321km on national route number 6 and number 65 to Run Ta Ek Eco-village in the Prasat Bakong neighborhood of Siem Reap. Tell the bus drop you at Prasat Bakong, and then take Tuk Tuk or Moto Dup and tell them drive Run Ta Ek Eco-village ( Name khmer calling Phoum Toem meul cheith Run Ta Ek) before arrived you will we signe of logo Run Ta Ek Eco-village in front of mean chey pagoda, 2500m you to arrive Run Ta Ek Eco-village

Coming from Siem Reap will be approximately an hour’s drive, slightly longer if you take a tuk tuk. Run ta Ek is off national road 66, and is well signposted. You can take a tuk tuk straight from Siem Reap, or catch a bus to prasat Bakong and pick up a tuk tuk there. Although it is a shorter, and therefore cheaper journey from Prasat Bakong, you are more likely to find an English speaking tuk tuk driver in Siem Reap. The Journey from Sime Reap should not cost more than $25.

There is no transport in the village, so it is advisable to take your tuk tuk drivers number and agree a time you would like to be collected.

Run Ta Ek


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