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The Community‐Based Ecotourism Site- Reasmey Phum Piri Kiri Boeung Kranhak was established in 2014 and officially recognized by the Kampong Thom Provincial Governor on October 2, 2015. It lies within two officially‐designated community forests and consists of a beautiful natural lake surrounded by forest on the eastern shore, and covers an area of 193 hectares.

It is important to know that this site is relatively new and has had only a limited number of travellers. There is very limited English, but in exchange guests get a “real” Cambodian experience.

  • Traditional wooden house with bed, mattress, mosquito net, sheets, blankets, pillows – depending on the number of visitors you might get a room or whole house
  • Squatting toilet and shower is available at some houses, but often the showering space will be outside.
  • Electricity 24/7
  • Parking: car, van, motorcycle is available
  • There is a possibility of camping in the local area



Cambodians typically come to the lake with their families during national or local holidays and enjoy relaxing picnics along the shore or swimming and boating. International visitors are more likely to seek an authentic Cambodian homestay experience, combined with bird watching and forest walks to see wildlife, unique plant species and historically important cultural sites.




We love the lake! There is plenty to do:

  • Boat tour activity – Wooden boats on the lake can be arranged and allow for close views of lush forest, birdlife and traditional fishing techniques. Try to get up early at sunrise, to watch flocks of birds coming to the lake… it is a magical experience. Make sure that you book this activity a day before if you would like to see the sunrise at the lake.
  • Swimming – Yes, you can swim in the lake, there is a small platform you can use to bring your picnic or just spend a few hours reading a book.
  • Bird watching – Enjoy watching approximately 40 bird species, including attractive water birds such as the woollynecked stork, painted stork and river lapwing.
  • Watching traditional fishing – Early morning and late afternoons you can also enjoy watching local people catching fish in rice paddy fields nearby the lake.




If you are staying for several days there is plenty to do.

  • Forest walks –  Trailheads for forest walks can either be reached by boat or motorcycle and are the best way to experience the forest, birds, tree and other wildlife.
  • Rice harvesting – Traditional rice harvesting during December‐ January is an interesting agricultural activity that visitors can observe.

You can also combine you visit to this site with a visit to Isanborei Community tourism site which is on the way from Kampong Thom to the Reaksmey Phoum Piri Kiri Boeung Kranhak Ecotourism Site.



Kampong Thom city is on the main road from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. There are a large number of busses and VIP minivans travelling on this road daily. Just ask the driver to drop you off at Kampong Thom (be aware on Google maps it is miss-spelled as Kampong Thma) in front of  Arunras hotel. There you can find public transport to the site or private taxi to take you there. The name of the village you are going to is Tbong Teuk and Kanti Village, Meanrith Commune, Sandan District. At Kampong Thom, you can find some people who speak English well enough to help you to find suitable local transport – the cost of public transport should be between $1.5-3.


Bus schedule & Booking


Baray Community based tourism project

Isanborei Community tourism and historic site

Reaksmey Phoum Piri Kiri Boeung Kranhak Ecotourism Site


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