Enjoy islands on Mekong river and watch for Irrawaddy Dolphins

“O’Svay is close to  Preah Rumkel CBT, so you might find similarities between them.  O’Svay is close to Ramsar Forest and many islands on the Mekong river, such as Kho Phnov. Plenty to do for a whole family here, and if you are interested in bird watching this is a great place to visit.”

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by Lucie on Impact Explorer Cambodia

I stayed one night in O'svay but I really appreciated it. A local guide will host you and you could sleep in the family house, the room was very comfortable but the only negative point is that you don’t have so much contact with the family. The food at the restaurant is very good, they serve fish from the river. About the activities, you should really have a boat trip on the Mekong River to see the flooded forest.

by anais on Impact Explorer Cambodia
impressed by the beauty of the Mekong river in O'svay

From O'svay, you can really admire the beauty of the Mekong River. It is clean but perhaps the water current is too fast for children, directly from the village. I took a boat from O'svay and I was delighted to see the Ramsar Forest. I didn't stay for a long time, but we proposed me to camp in the small islands. if you want to camp, you might stay two nights there. Two days is too short to appreciate all the wildlife nearby O'svay.

One the best thing was to eat the fresh fish from the Mekong River and see the sunset. Amazing experience.

Moreover, the comunity is important, and it is really nice to walk around the village and meet the people. They are still not used to see foreigners.

The room was very comfortable for a homestay. One aspect that I appreciated as well, it is the cleanliness of the village. ( a good waste management).


O’Svay community based ecotourism project consists of five villages ( O’Svay village, O’Run, Koh Phnov, Koh Hib, and Voeun Sien village) and four surrounding islands. O’Svay community is the most popular destination in Stung Treng province both for local Cambodian and international visitors. Borey O’Svay is well known for its preservation of wildlife, including birds, fish and the Irrawaddy Dolphins  along the Mekong river, as well as for its forestry preservation at the Ramsar site.



  • 1-3 bedrooms in a traditional house with mosquito net, sheets, blankets, pillows
  • Local style toilet and shower
  • Electricity 24/7
  • Provides drinking water,
  • Parking: car, van, motorcycle






  • Kayaking in Ramsar Forest wetland
  • Seam Pang bird watching
  • Enjoy the white sand beaches and the rapids
  • Cycling and trekking along the Mekong river
  • Swimming in the streams
  • Attending guided walks through the Ramsar forest and the islands
  • Experiencing the caves


Travelling from Pnhom Penh/Siem Reap, use of the many buses and VIP minibuses to reach Stung Treng city. From there you have 2 options:

  • By boat – Book a ticket at the tourism office in the center of Stung treng (2km from Stung treng, on the national Road No. 7) It is around $12.
  • By car/ motorbike : 45 km from Stung Treng towards the Lao border on National Road No.7.  16kms into the journey take the road on the left. From the Lao border to Stung Treng, it is 7km along the National road and then take a right.

From Preah Rumkel  : $10 (you can try to bargain this price with the local community Preah Rumkel)


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O’Svay groups many islands together where there is an opportunity to see  birds and walk around the islands. Often surrounded by sandy beaches, it is the perfect place to relax and appreciate the peaceful Mekong river.

The other option is the Ramsar Forest, that many travellers enjoy visiting.  You will be amazed by the Flooded Forest.

Here are few things to enjoy:

  • Enjoy the local fresh fish for dinner.
  • Watching the dolphins in the Mekong river
  • View the Flooded Forest and bird watching along the Mekong river. If you have a bycicle, you can also travel along the mekong river.
  • Go to La ang Phnom Prak, Silver Mountain cave.
  • Trekking in the community forest on the islands.



Depending on your budget and your choice, you can take a boat to go to the other islands.

Koh Phnov is surrounded by sandy beaches and you can find plenty of good swimming spots. If you venture deep into the forest and the waterfall, you can admire the Black Cormorants, Green Pigeons, and Parrots. The most spectacular bird is the vulture which arrives during the dry season.

Anlong Neak & Anlong Seima offer, during the dry season, a unique opportunity to learn about the legendary Dragon spirit in the area. The miracle of the area is that the western side of the river always flows from north to south while the eastern side flows south to north. It is situated in the lower part of the Ramsar area.



Osvay Community Based tourism

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