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OBT Chiro Village Homestay in Kampong Cham province has an environmental and social ethos that speaks louder than words. Located just outside of Kampong Cham, OBT Chiro Village offers a peaceful escape on the edge of the Mekong River. Spend a night in a community homestay, choose a river escape in a bamboo bungalow or savour vegan and vegetarian food at the Bamboo Restaurant. The site also boasts an organic farm, bees, composting and a recycling project! All proceeds go to the Organisation for Basic Training (OBT) who provide free education for youth from Chiro Village.


OBT Chiro is half NGO half tourism project and each balance perfectly to create a truly awesome tourist experience that benefits the local community. Organisation for Basic Training or OBT was set up by Sophal in 2007 as a way to increase opportunities for young people in his community.

From Sophal – Director of OBT Chiro Project : “My name is Sophal, I am the director of OBT. Our organisation is dedicated to the education and empowerment of the children living in Chiro Village. We provide mainstream education, English and hospitality training in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Bamboo Bungalows and Bamboo Restaurant generate funds to support the school. Also, members of Chiro village offer homestays and activities for guests. Funds from this go directly to these families. We have an organic farm, bees, compost and a plastic recycling project that has turned plastic bottles into bricks and motorbike fuel.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the overseas volunteers also who help with English teaching, project management and environmental projects.

The project has been extremely positive for the community. We continue to support young people through education and are creating bright futures because of it. Our hospitality training program has led to students from Chiro given the opportunity to work on cruise ships and at partner organisations such as EGBOK in Siem Reap. Finally, because of tourism at OBT Chiro village many guests have shared in Khmer culture and gained long lasting memories here. The thought of that makes me extremely happy.”

OBT Chiro is half NGO half tourism project. Each half balance perfectly to create a truly awesome, eco-friendly, tourist experience that benefits the local community. Organisation for Basic Training or OBT is located in Chiro Village, fifteen minutes from Kampong Cham on the opposite side of the Mekong. Perfect for a day trip or a longer escape from the city, OBT Chiro Village has something for everyone.

The site itself has an organic farm, bamboo bungalows, a restaurant, bees and composting as well as homestays and fishing tours. OBT is supported by short term and long term volunteers who help with education for the youth of Chiro village. They have also contributed to environmental projects too. OBT Chiro Village works with men and women from the local Chiro community to provide activities for tourists to do.

You will not be disappointed by an overnight stay in a homestay or bungalow here. OBT Chiro Village is located in a peaceful location, easy accessible but incredibly enriching. Relax, unwind and support what is a truly worthy endeavour.

Local homestays are in a traditional Khmer house. Each house is elevated on stilts and has wooden stairs to the entrance. Private rooms with a bed, mattress, blankets and mosquito net are available for overnight stays. Bathrooms are inside the house that includes a toilet and shower.

Bamboo Bungalows
A variety of bamboo bungalows offer private room accommodation and sleep up to 8 people. Each bungalow has a balcony and some offer river views.

Bicycles can be hired from OBT Chiro Village to explore nearby villages, farms or venture further into Kampong Cham.

Bamboo Platform
Wander up the platform made from bamboo to get the best views out over the Mekong. Here is a perfect place to sit and relax.

OBT School
The village also has its own school where children have access to education. This is one of the main goal of OBT, to provide free education in every child. By nourishing the children and giving them quality education they will have a good future ahead.

Tuk-tuk and moto dop transport can be arranged to/from Chiro Village. See pagodas in town, local markets or other sites you desire.

The Bamboo Restaurant on-site offers delicious Khmer and Western food. Food can be prepared vegetarian and vegan.

OBT Chiro Village offers you an opportunity to live like locals and experience the beauty of Chiro Village and the great Mekong river. During your stay, OBT offers many local activities. These activities were selected to give a good idea of the daily life of the villagers. The small financial contribution will help finance your local guide.

Accommodation is available within a local style house in Chiro village with private rooms and the hospitality of a local family! An all-inclusive package includes meals. Staying with a family is a great way to have an authentic Cambodian experience and gain an insight into the daily lives of the locals. You will be welcomed into the family, sharing day-to-day experiences with them. Homestays have a private or curtain room, with double mattress, mosquito net and fan. The bathroom is shared with the family, which has an eastern or western style toilet and cold shower.

Escape from the cities hustle and bustle to the peace in a private Bamboo Bungalow at OBT Chiro Village. A variety of bungalows are on offer and all are immersed in the beauty of the site.

Hire a bicycle and explore the nearby village or further into Kampong Cham. Roads take you past rice fields and villages or venture to Koh Pen island for a day.

Learn about Composting, Recycling or Beekeeping
OBT Chiro Village community are budding eco-conscious creatives. The site has an organic farm and composting hut. Read the signs to learn about the composting process. Or ask a staff member about the plastic recycling project or bees.

Bamboo Restaurant
Sit for a coffee, shake or delicious meal at the Bamboo Restaurant at OBT Chiro Village. Staff at the restaurant are supported through OBT’s hospitality training program and come from nearby Chiro village.

Bamboo Platform
Sit and relax atop a gorgeous bamboo platform that juts out across the Mekong river. Sit on one of the hand made chairs or lounge on the bamboo decking as you look out at the water ways in front. Perfect for meditation, readying a book or photography.

Fishing trip with local fisherman
Try your luck at fishing with a local fisherman on the Mekong river. Learn a thing or two from the expert whilst journeying along the visiting a fishing village. Boats run early morning or evening. Trips are approximately an hour and a half.

Ox Cart Ride with farmer
A local villager will take you on a tour around the village and fields in a cart pulled by two cows. A moment of calm and pleasure surrounded by picturesque farmlands and local houses. People of Chiro village will be happy to help you discover their way of life. The journey is an hour and a half.

Farming with locals
Experience life in the field alongside local farmers to harvest either corn or cucumber/tomato, depending on the season. For a few hours, you will become real farmers and help local villagers with their daily work.
Departure early in the morning. Duration: As long as you wish.

Cooking Class
Alongside a talented chef, learn how to cook (and eat) a local Khmer dish at the Bamboo Café. Prepare your meal with vegetables harvested the same morning before sitting down to eat in a beautiful location.

OBT Chiro Village is located 15 minutes from Kampong Cham across the Mekong River via the Kizuna bridge. Getting to Kampong Cham Regular bus services depart Phnom Penh (from Central Market) for Kampong Cham and take around 3 hours and cost between $5-$7. Book your bus easily with bookmebus.com

Kampong Cham to OBT Chiro Village From Kampong Cham take a tuk tuk (approximately $5) or moto dop ($3) to OBT Chiro Village.

OBT Chiro Village


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