Explore one of Cambodia’s most idyllic natural waterfalls.

Hills of deep green forest and trails along a beautiful waterfall welcome tourists at Chrok La Eang in Aural Wildlife Sanctuary, in the Western province of Pursat. The eco-tourism site is part of the world famous Cardamom Mountains, home to vast tropical forests and exotic animal and plant species. The forest of Chork La Eang is protected by the local community, who patrol it regularly to hinder illegal loggers from destroying their beautiful trees. With the facilities to camp overnight here (BYO tent), what better way to uncover a remarkable landscape, diverse wildlife and free flowing waterfalls.


Chrok La Eang Waterfall Community is a community-led eco-tourism project that aims to support local livelihoods and to help conserve Chrok La Eang’s valuable natural resources. In particular, to prevent illegal logging activity and illegal hunting in its forests.


Yeum Chanty is the village chief of nearby Bamnak Village. At 54 years old he can recall his childhood growing up in the region, dramatically effected by the Khmer Rouge. Following the war, Chanty became chief of the village and has worked for NGOs in the past. Like many parts of Cambodia, the threat of illegal logging and poaching is very real.

In 2015, Chanty was voted manager at Chrok La Eang.

“All I wanted was to be able to help and protect the forests in my hometown, which I wouldn’t be able to if I didn’t become the manager.

The biggest challenge we face in the community is to stop the illegal logging activity that goes on around the area, we want to stop it so tourists can continue to come visit our place. In the past I remember a time when two French girls stayed overnight in our community, they actually helped us catch two people cutting trees illegally in our forest.

I think what we do here is not just work it is our lives here, our home. Therefore, we, as the community, try to make it safe and clean for people who visit or come to camp. We want to make sure people have a nice time here, and that the forest and wildlife is still here in the future.”

Chrok La Eang Waterfall Community is a community led eco-tourism destination located 20km south of Bamnak Village, Pursat Province. Here the stunning forest area and natural waterfalls are the highlight and entice many visitors. The local community are responsible for managing visitors to Chrok La Eng and the $1 entrance fee contributes to community efforts to minimize illegal logging.

Chrok La Eang is popular for both local and international tourists as a place to immerse oneself in nature. Currently the experiences available are mostly day based but it is also possible to stay overnight here with places available to set up a tent.

A small fee is charged for entry to the Chrok La Eang Waterfall ($1 for foreigners), payable at the ticket office.

The Chrok La Eang Waterfall offers places to rest at the picnic ground. There are huts and grills available for hire, as well as many shops that provide Khmer meals, cold drinks and souvenirs (some are locally produced handicrafts).

There are three waterfalls within the area where visitors can go and explore. The waterfalls that eventually merge into one main stream, connecting to a pool of water where most people swim in.

There are three small tracks (all less than 1km) at Chrok La Eang Waterfall to walk.

Camping at Chrok La Eang Waterfall is extremely safe as there are security guard post around the ground to ensure the safety of visitors.

The camping ground is big enough for three to four tents, and the ground is right next to the community office, which is easy if visitors have any questions or issues. The camping ground is surrounded by the forest, which makes a fantastic place to relax in nature.

There are a handful of Khmer style toilets and and changing room facilities available at the site.

  • Waterfalls
  • Watching Wildlife including birds etc. that often appear during the evening
  • Hiking to waterfalls with a local guide
  • Swimming in the streams
  • Hiking
  • Experiencing traditional livelihoods and enjoying the rural Cambodian lifestyle




  • Visit the Chrock La-Eang Waterfall, to swim and relax on the big stones.
  • Spend the night over in the homestay and enjoy the rural life
  • Hike in the forest and explore the beautiful forested hills
  • Learn about local culture from the local families



You might want to visit local craftsmen working with marble and wood carving. This part of Cambodia is well known for these products. You can visit their workshops and see how they make large buddha sculptures as well as buy some locally made souvenirs.



Traveling from Phnom Penh you will be able to take a bus/ mini van to Pursat town. Ask the driver to get off at Krakor market (apx. 41km before Pursat town). From there you need to find local transport to the site. Take the road number 55, in front of the gas station in Krakor. Keep going to the south and after 11km approximately and you will see the billboard for Chrock La-eang. So turn on the left, you will pass by Bamnak and take a right and pass by the Pagoda and keep going for 2 km.


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