Stung (Steung) Areng Village Homestay


Sleep soundly in a family homestay in the quiet of Stung Areng. An overnight stay in homestay is a comfortable base to explore the Areng Valley. One-night at the Stung Areng Village Homestay includes a private room with large bed, fan, solar electricity and drinking water.




The Stung Areng Village Homestay includes one overnight stay with a local family. Private rooms are equipped with double bed, mosquito net, blankets, pillows, towel and fan. Solar and battery power and drinking water is available also. Bathrooms are external to the house with Khmer style toilets and bucket showers.

We recommend an overnight stay at a homestay before venturing off into the Cardamom Mountains or down the waterways of Stung Areng on one of many tours that the community offers.

Food (added extra) can easily be arranged. Khmer style dinner, lunch ($3.50 each) and breakfast ($2.50) are prepared fresh from natural ingredients and served at a nearby Stung Areng Community Centre by community cooks. All of these centres are close to the homestay locations.

  • A private room in a family home in a local village with mosquito net, drinking water and solar/battery electricity


  • Meals – served at the nearby community centre
  • Transport to and from the community
  • Extra food/beverages – cold drinks or beer 



Arrive at the Stung Areng Community Office before dark. From here, a member of staff will take you to your homestay. The management team at Stung Areng speak excellent English and are extremely helpful in arranging an itinerary that suits you.

The Stung Areng Village Homestay is in one of eight villages in the valley. Head to the Community Office first (11.6293976, 103.5133274). Stung Areng is located in Areng Valley at the base of the Cardamom Mountains, approximately 2.5 hours by motorbike from Koh Kong town.

Getting there


If you are coming from Phnom Penh, buses to Koh Kong take 5-6 hours. These can be arranged easily via To arrive at Stung Areng you will need to get off the bus approximately 30kms before Koh Kong town at a junction with a dirt road (11.610733,103.2363506). There are makeshift shops here, and people are friendly and willing to help you find your way.

From here, Stung Areng is another 1.5 hours by motorbike or shared bus (2-3 hours). Hitch a ride here from a local or wait for a shared bus (approximately $2.50) to take you the distance Stung Areng.


If you are coming from Koh Kong the most affordable access to Koh Kong is via local minivan. One bus a day departs from outside Koh Kong market (11.6130119,102.9910333) at around 1-2pm, depending on the passengers. Don’t expect a VIP ride, however the bus is comfortable enough. The ride is slow going but has beautiful views once you turn off the main highway.


Getting away


The same local minivan leaves at approximately 8am (most likely a little later than this) from Stung Areng and returns to Koh Kong for $5 per person. From here, buses can be arranged onwards to Thailand and back to Phnom Penh from the bus station in town. Check with a guest house if you are unsure.



A community arranged moto-dop (motorbike taxi) will get you back to Koh Kong in around 2 hours for $25. Alternatively, a ride to the junction is $20. From here, local minivans head to Sihanoukville, Kampot and Phnom Penh.

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