Homestay – Koh Preah – 1 Day/1 Night package


Stay overnight on the picturesque remote island of Roungeav and watch golden-tinged sunsets from the sandy banks of the Mekong River. Homestays are in traditional Khmer style homes with a local family. Explore the island, relax into island life or take a boat trip on the Mekong to spot rare Irrawaddy dolphins.



The Rural Mekong river homestay, Koh Preah is a short overnight introduction to the beautiful remote island. Travellers get the chance to live and experience the life of local village people first hand when staying at a
traditional home-stay on Koh Preah. Watch a glorious sunset shine golden light on the western shore, wander through the village, admire the local pagoda, or just simply relax on the island – the experience is yours.
The Rural Mekong river homestay, Koh Preah includes a one night stay in traditional Khmer house with bedding, mosquito net, solar powered electricity and two meals. With plenty of time, add a boat trip on the Mekong
or tour the island, lead by a local tour guide (Khmer speaking only – $5).
Funds from your stay go directly to local families hosting you and support conservation of the critically endangered Irrawaddy Dolphin.


Day 1

  • Self-arranged transport to Koh Preah ferry terminal, specify your approximate time of arrival upon booking and Koh Preah tourism manager Say Lom will arrange for your pick up by moto-dop ($1.25) from here.
  • Meet with your homestay hosts
  • The afternoon and evening is yours to explore the island or relax at your homestay

Day 2

  • Breakfast at your homestay
  • Choose to add-on a Mekong river boat trip and spot rare Irrawaddy Dolphins in their natural habitat and float through a stunning flooded forest waterscape
  • Return to your homestay
  • Motodop transport (USD $1.25) back to Koh Preah ferry terminal

Getting there

From Stung Treng
Access to The Koh Preah Homestay is by small ferry (1000 riel/0.25c one way) located an hours drive from Stung Treng. Turn off National Road 7 at Red Mountant Road (GPS 13.388662,106.0820398) and the ferry dock is another 20 minutes from here. From Stung Treng a direct tuk-tuk costs $20 and takes about one hour to reach the ferry (GPS 13.3017992,105.9136956).
Alternatively, hop on a bus to Kratie (arranged with your guest house) and ask to be dropped at the intersection at Mountant Road and National Road 7 for the Koh Preah ferry.
From the ferry drop off on the island, a pre-arranged motodop ($1.25 USD) takes about 5 minutes to reach the other side of the island and to where the homestays are.

Easy, but pricey
For $80, a private boat can be arranged to pick you up directly from Stung Treng. Boats fit a maximum 20 people and take1-2hours.

From Kratie
Your best option, get on a local bus to Stung Treng ($5-$10) and ask to be dropped at the intersection at Mountant Road and National Road 7. From here hail a tuk-tuk or motodop to take you to Koh Preah ferry. Otherwise head further until you reach Aur Pour Moan, a well frequented bus station where all buses coming from Stung Treng and Ratanakiri stop. Here you are
a sure to find a tuk-tuk or motodop that can get you to the ferry.

Motodops ($2.50 USD) can be arranged from the islands ferry north to Aur Pour Moan. From here hop on a bus west to Stung Treng, East to Ratnaakiri or retrace your steps south to Kratie. Buses shouldn’t cost more than $5-$7.

Southern Boats
Direct from Koh Preah, private boats can be arrange to head south on the Mekong – although pricey. Boats from Koh Preah to Sambour (close to The Koh Pdao Homestay) take 3 and half hours and cost $100 for four people.

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