Koh Preah – Rural Mekong boat tour


Explore the idyllic waterways from Koh Preah on the Rural Mekong boat tour. Watch for the gentle Irrawaddy Dolphin in its natural habitat. Next, float through the atmospheric flooded forest before stopping to swim at a sandy beach (dry season only). This is a must-do trip if you want to really enjoy the Mekong river.

The Rural Mekong boat tour is also included in our KOH PREAH – 2 DAYS & 2 NIGHTS’ Package



The Rural Mekong boat tour, leaves from Koh Preah and takes you on a two-hour exploration of the Mekong river. You will float along a flooded forest, and if you are luck, spot the gentle fresh water dolphins before swimming in the Mekong from a sandy beach (dry season only).
The wooden boat will be driven by a local community member and holds up to 10 people.
The Rural Mekong boat tour supports the protection of the Irrawaddy Dolphin by creating alternative livelihoods for the local community. This helps prevent over-fishing and reduces the risk of damage to the precious riparian waterways.

  • Boat tour
  • Food and beverages


Timings are flexible, however locals recommend early morning or late afternoon for best times to spot dolphins. However, boats can be arranged any time during the day. Please specify when booking.

Getting there

From Stung Treng

Access to Koh Preah island is by small ferry (1000 riel/0.25c one way) located an hour’s drive from Stung Treng. Turn off National Road 7 at Red Mountant Road (GPS 13.388662,106.0820398) and the ferry dock is another 20 minutes from here. From Stung Treng a direct tuk-tuk costs $20 and takes about one hour to reach the ferry (GPS 13.3017992,105.9136956).

Alternatively, you can hop on a bus to Kratie (arranged with your guest house) and ask to be dropped at the intersection of Mountant Road and National Road 7 for the Koh Preah ferry.

From the ferry stop on the island, a pre-arranged motodop ($1.25 US) takes about 5 minutes to reach the other side of the island and to where the homestays are.


Easier, but pricey:

For $80, a private boat can be arranged to pick you up directly from Stung Treng. Boats carry up to 20 people and take 1-2 hours.


From Kratie:

This is probably your best option. Take a local bus to Stung Treng ($5-$10) and ask to be dropped at the intersection at Mountant Road and National Road 7. From here you can take a tuk-tuk or motodop to take you to Koh Preah ferry. Otherwise stay on the bus until Aur Pour Moan, a well frequented bus station where all buses coming from Stung Treng and Ratanakiri stop. Here you are certain to find a tuk-tuk or motodop that can take you to the ferry.



Motodops ($2.50 USD) can be arranged from the island ferry north to Aur Pour Moan. From here it’s easy to hop on a bus west to Stung Treng, east to Ratanakiri or retrace your steps south to Kratie. Buses shouldn’t cost more than $5-$7.


Boats south along the Mekong:

Private boats can be arranged to pick you up directly from the island heading south on the Mekong. Boats from Koh Preah to Sambour (close to The Koh Pdao Homestay) take 3 5 hours and cost $100 for four people.

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