Ou Choam Homestay


In the southern part of Battambang Province locates a new developed community called Ko La moving to settle near Khmer-Thai border in 1983, another group of people then settled in and started to build a community joint by 2 villages which began to involve in tourism sector in 2014.




Forest tour with tour guide from Ou Choam office community protected area, enjoy walk and see small and big animal in Ou Choam waterfall and have a lunch in middle forest.

The best way to experience the most of village tour can be arranged to visit the local living standard of village and how they do in their living  Cambodian village. Tours run for two hour and take you past the green farm and fruit and corn farm. Explore colourful houses, chicken and cow and smiling children waving back at you, especially you can taste delicious chef office-cooked meals.

Many people come for the wildlife and stay for the hospitality, so they have a menu of cultural experiences for all people as well as nature-watching.

As a nature lover, bird watcher, or photographer, you will leave with fabulous photos and memories.

  • Ox cart ride
  • Lunch and water
  • Tour guide
  • Transport to and from the community



  • 9am – arrive at the community office
  • The guide will meet you and explain the tour as you set off
  • 12noon – lunch in the protected area
  • Continue the tour after lunch
  • 4pm – return to the community office

Getting there

Getting to Ou Choam Village requires both land and land journeys. Boats depart from just north of the town of Krakor, Pursat province..

Getting to  Battambang 
The town of Battambang is around 5 and a half hours from Phnom Penh.  The best way is to take one of the regular busses that will drop you off in the centre of town. Online booking platform bookmebus.com offers good customer service and easy access to travel times and routes for your journey.

Getting to  Ou Choam village Samlout district
From Battambang take a tuk tuk or mini-van. Its around 2 hours by tuk-tuk. From here, you will see Ou Choam sign poster 18km (20 minutes) to the Ou Choam village.

Getting to Ou Choam waterfall office community (camping place)
From the Ou Choam village 2600m ( by tuk tuk or mini car continue go . From here, you will see Ou Choam community sign poster and a cross Ou Choam Kandal and Ou Choam Kraom village 5min to the Ou Choam waterfall office community protected area.

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