OBT – 2 day / 2 night village bungalow


Immerse yourself in authentic Cheung Kok village life and experience true Cambodian hospitality. Use your extended 2 day/1 night stay in the Village homestay Cheung Kok to learn from local artisans weaving traditional silk krama or relax in your traditional wooden homestay. With more time you can explore ancient temples around Kampong Cham or visit the island of Koh Pen. Relax in the village, taste traditional Khmer cooking, and watch your worries fade away as you discover Cambodia’s peaceful rural life.



The 2 day/1 night full day artisan village experience gives you an authentic taste of village life in Cheung Kok. On day one you will be equipped with an extremely knowledgeable local guide. Arrive in the morning and stroll through the village and learn about rice production, silk krama weaving, and the history of the area on your village tour. Next, sit down for lunch with a local family to sample Khmer cuisine; rice served with delicious produce fresh from the market.

Afterwards, try your hand at krama weaving, bamboo carving or rice cultivation (dependent on the season) with local villagers. If you wish, bicycles are available to cycle (10minutes) to nearby Phnom Pros/Phnom Srey mountain for a view over Kampong Cham. Otherwise, you can choose to relax in the village. Don’t forget to browse the handicraft store as all products are made by local villagers. Sales go directly to help tourism, education and health projects at the Village homestay Cheung Kok, supported by French not-for-profit AMICA.

In the evening, relax with your homestay hosts. You will have the chance to practice your Khmer over an evening meal of traditional Khmer food. Sleep soundly in a traditional wooden house with basic bedding and mosquito net.

Wake at your leisure and enjoy a home-cooked traditional breakfast before exploring nearby ancient temples and the natural beauty in Kampong Cham. By bicycle, visit Nokor Temple, a beautiful Mahayana Buddhist shrine located at the entrance Kampong Cham city. Meet friendly locals or just take a moment to relax on the island of Koh Pen. The day is for exploring and discovering. (Note – we would recommend a local lunch, rice or noodle soup which can be purchased from Kampong Cham market or at many roadside stops along the way.) Cycle back to the village of Cheung Kok to relax before heading on your way.


To get the most out of the day please arrive before 11am to start the package tour. Times given are an approximate guide.

11am – Arrive at Cheung Kok Village and tour the village
12noon – Lunch with local family
1pm –  Hands-on Khmer experience
2pm – Cycle or walk to visit Phnom Pros & Phnom Srey and/or surrounding country side
4pm – Relax in the village
6pm – Dinner and relax with your homestay hosts

DAY TWO (Recommended itinerary)
8am – Breakfast
9am – Visit Nokor Temple, a 20minute bicycle ride from Cheung Kok
11am – Explore Kampong Cham city and lunch at the market
12noon – Visit Koh Pen island and relax for the afternoon
4pm – Return to Cheung Kok
5pm – Depart Cheung Kok village

Getting there

The Village homestay Cheung Kok is located approximately 7 km west from the centre of Kampong Cham and approximately two and half hours from Phnom Penh. Meet at the village store, located at the entrance to the village.

To get to the village from Kampong Cham take national road 7 out of town (towards Phnom Penh). The turnoff to the Village homestay Cheung Kok is located before Phnom Pros/Phnom Srey mountain. From the national road, stop when you reach Ampil Health Centre (look for a small wooden sign on your left-hand side indicating the way). Down a dirt road on the left, it is a 10-minute walk or 5-minute motorbike ride. If unsure – ask a local for the way to Cheung Kok, or AMICA and they can point you in the right direction.

A tuk-tuk from Kampong Cham will cost you $5 USD. Hiring a motorbike for the day is between $5-7 and bicycle approximately $3, check with your guesthouse for more information.

Sorya Bus offer regular return buses from Phnom Penh to Kampong Cham which take around 2.5-3 hours and cost $5-$7.50 one way. The bus goes all the way into Kampong Cham, however, you can ask the driver to stop when you reach 7kms before Kampong Cham (close to Phnom Pros/Phnom Srey). This way you save on tuk-tuks from the town.

Alternatively, a private taxi costs $30 one way or $50 return from Phnom Penh.

Both can be booked, hassle-free via bookmebus.com.

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