Khnar Po Temple Tour by Ox Cart


Relax into rural life by on this half day tour. After a delicious Khmer lunch, you will be shown around this small and very welcoming farming community on an ox cart. Explore the rice paddies and vegetable gardens, and learn about how the community mills rice and weaves thatch.




Activities will include a ride around the fields in an ox cart to see farmers at work in the fields. You will see rice paddies and smaller vegetable gardens, some big ones where the vegetables are harvested and taken to market and some smaller ones where the vegetables are grown for family use. You will also get a chance to walk around the village with your guide, who will introduce you to local residents. You will get a chance to learn about how rice is milled and prepared using traditional methods. Try your hand at traditional thatch weaving – learn how to make khmer-style brooms and floor mats. Lunch will consist of a selection of freshly made khmer classics. The ingredients used are mostly from the local vegetable gardens too.

Please Note:
The sugar cane demonstration is not available from April to October (inclusive)
Ox cart tours to the fields do not take place April to July. Instead, visitors will visit the vegetable gardens instead

  • Ox cart to veg gardens and rice paddies
  • Lunch and water
  • Tour guide
  • Thatch weaving
  • Rice milling demonstration
  • Donation to community fund
  • Transport to and from the community
  • Cooking classes ($5 per person)



  • Half day tour Arrive at 11:30 -12 noon
    • Have lunch soon after arrival, and relax in the local community gathering area.
    • Take an Ox cart ride around the village and surrounding rice paddies and vegetable gardens
    • Have a go at weaving thatch into brooms and mats
    • See how rice is harvested and milled
    • Learn about sugar cane, and how it is processed into one of the most popular drinks in Cambodia

Getting there

Arrive at 11:30am – 12 noon

Khanar po is fairly straightforward to find. Busses to and from Siem Reap from the east side pass through the small town of Damdek. Ask your bus driver to let you off here.

On the T junction (likely the location your driver will drop you at) is a small stand selling bus tickets. This is where Tuk Tuk drivers congregate so you can arrange a trip to Khanar Po. It is approximately a 45 minute journey, and should cost around $13. If you want to keep the driver for the return journey it will likely cost $25-$30. The road is in the process of getting resurfaced, so expect a dusty ride, but work is due to be completed by August 2019.  

When staying overnight, we recommend taking your driver’s phone number, so you can call in the morning and see if you can arrange to be collected the next morning.

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