Dolphin watching – Mekong boat trip

From: $5.00

Admire the beauty of the Mekong river by boat and watch for rare Irrawaddy dolphins in their natural habitat. A visit to Kratie province is not complete without a boat trip on these stunning waterways. Led by a local community member, enjoy your one hour boat trip across a special riparian landscape and catch a glimpse of the special fresh water Dolphin. Trips can be extended to visit a local sandy beach for a swim.

NOTE: The boat carries a maximum of 4 people



The Dolphin-spotting Mekong boat trip provides you with chance encounters of the Irrawaddy Dolphin. For one hour, cruise the mighty Mekong atop a local boat and get up close to these gentle mammals. Escape the crowds
closer to Kampi and enjoy Dolphin-watching in a remote part of the Mekong. The trip supports community tourism on the Koh Pdao Homestay and ongoing conservation efforts in the area. Boats depart from Roungneav Island and carry up to three people. Best time to see the Dolphins is in the late afternoon (3pm), however early morning, or midday can also be arranged. As Dolphins frequent the area, you are still able to spot them throughout the day.
Boat trips can be extended to include a visit to a local sandy beach for a swim. Add two dollars per boat for an extra hour on your journey.


The Dolphin-watching Mekong boat trip is an easy addition to a stay in the Koh Pdao Homestay. After arriving on the island by boat, speak (please note there is limited English) with your boat driver to arrange your preferred time. Locals say 3pm – 4pm is the best time for dolphin watching however other times can be arranged also.
If you are looking to extend your trip, boats can take you for a swim at a nearby sandy beach. This adds one hour to your journey.

Getting there

Koh Pdao Homestay can be reached by boat from Sambour (40kms north of Kratie). Boats are arranged in advance and dock at the shore across from the 100 Pillar Pagoda.

Getting to Sambour
Sambour is 40kms north of Kratie town along national road 6 and 7 From Kratie, a tuk-tuk (fits three people) and takes 1 hour and costs $20.

Getting to the Koh Pdao Homestay
From Sambour, Koh Pdao Homestay is located on the island of Rougdeav is a 30 minute boat ride. Boats cost $12/$16 1-3pax/5-9pax return. The boat takes you directly to your homestay.

Getting to Kratie
From Phnom Penh, regular bus services depart to Kratie Province and take between 5-7 hours. Times vary between 7am – 9am. Check with your guesthouse for up to date times. Or visit to book your journey directly.

From Siem Reap – Kratie, buses depart in the morning and take between 7-8hours.

From Sambour, your easiest onwards journey is via Kratie town as most buses depart here. From Sambour head to the front of the market, 5 minutes walk away from the 100 Pillar Pagoda. Here you can arrange a tuk-tuks, moto-dop or hop on a local bus. If unsure, ask at the restaurant closest to the boat dock as they speak some English.

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