Chi Phat Family Homestay


The journey to get to Chi Phat Community was adventurous to say the least. A comfortable bus from Phnom Penh dropped me at the main highway. From here, a lovely Khmer lady eagerly arranged for a motorbike driver to pick me up. From the main highway, Chi Phat is another 45mins or so, depending on the weather. The roads are muddy and sandy at the best of times and take you through open plains and small grassy hills. Stunning but challenging for those motorbike-illiterate.




The Family Homestay, Chi Phat is perfect for exploring the nearby Chi Phat region. This experience includes a one night stay in traditional Khmer house (elevated on stilts and accessible via stairs) with private room. Rooms are equipped with double bed, mosquito net, fan, electricity and drinking water on request. Bathrooms are mostly external to the house. Toilets are either Khmer style squat toilet or Western style. Showers are bucket style.

Choose to eat at your homestay to enjoy home-cooked, deliciously prepared Khmer food with your host family. Ingredients all come from the nearby area. Alternatively, the tourism office is available for meals too. All meals are $3.50 per person.

Language isn’t a barrier for hospitality at the Family Homestay’s in Chi Phat Community.

  • A private room in a family home in a local village with mosquito net, drinking water and electricity


  • Meals ( All meals are $3.50)
  • Transport to and from the community
  • Extra food/beverages – cold drinks or beer 



  • Meet at the Chi Phat Tourism Office
  • A member of staff will show you to your homestay
  • Eat dinner at the homestay or at the Tourism office restaurant
  • Stay overnight with a local family in a traditional Khmer house with your own fully equipped private room
  • Eat breakfast at your homestay, tourism office or local market.
  • Spend the day exploring Chi Phat on a pre-arranged tour.
  • Depart Chi Phat or continue your experience!

Getting there


Buses to Koh Kong from major cities can be arranged easily via A bus from Phnom Penh takes approximately 5-6 hours to go all the way to Koh Kong town. However, to reach Chi Phat you will need to get off 100kms earlier at the junction to Chi Phat Community (11.2060755,103.489237). Here, a friendly lady will eagerly arrange a motodop (motorbike taxi) the rest of the way.


Mornings are easiest for arranging transport in Koh Kong. Virak Buntham departs Koh Kong for Phnom Penh at 7:45am and 2pm. Alternatively, try the bus station, outside the market or opposite Acleda Bank on National Road 48 for the cheapest transport to the Chi Phat Junction. Buses coming from Thailand or on their way to Phnom Penh follow this route. The journey is approximately 2 hours and will cost between $5-$10, depending on the method. Stop after the bridge at the junction to Chi Phat and from here take a motorbike taxi.


Motodop’s from the National Road 48 junction are $7 per person and take 45min – 1 hour along some tough muddy roads. You will reach a river, from here take a 2 minute ferry (1000 riel/0.25c) across to the other side. From the riverbank, the Chi Phat Tourism Office is a 5 minute walk along the main road to town.

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