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Koh Preah island homestay is a short overnight introduction to the beautiful remote island. You’ll be able to experience the life of local village people first hand when staying at a traditional home-stay on Koh Preah. Watch a glorious sunset shine golden light on the western shore, wander through the village, admire the local pagoda, or just simply relax on the island – the experience is yours.

This product is especially recommended to extent your stay after experiencing our KOH PREAH – 2 DAYS & 2 NIGHTS’ package

  • 1 night homestay accommodation in Koh Preah
  • 2 meals: Dinner on Day 1, Breakfast on day 2
  • Drinking water in the homestay
  • Boat/ferry transport to/from Koh Preah island
  • Motodop from Koh Preah ferry station to the village
  • Extra cold drinks (soft drinks, beer, etc)
  • Local guide to show you around the island
  • Boat trip to see dolphins and the sunset


If you have only 1 night, but still would like to book a full itinerary of experiences, please send us a Mail. We really recommend you spend 2 days on the island so you will have the time to experience all the hidden spots the island has to offer.

Getting there

  • From Stung Treng:
    Access to The Koh Preah Homestay is by small ferry (1000 riel or 25 cents one way) located an hour’s drive from Stung Treng. Turn off National Road 7 at Red Mountant Road (GPS 13.388662, 106.0820398) and the ferry dock is another 20 minutes along this road. From Stung Treng a direct tuk-tuk costs $20 and takes about one hour to reach the ferry (GPS 13.3017992,105.9136956).
    Alternatively, you can hop on a bus to Kratie (arranged with your guest house) and ask to be dropped at the intersection at Mountant Road and National Road 7 for the Koh Preah ferry.
    From the ferry drop off on the island, a pre-arranged motodop, $1.25 USD, takes about 5 minutes to reach the other side of the island where the homestays are.
  • Easier but pricey:
    For $80, a private boat can be arranged to pick you up directly from Stung Treng. The boats carry up to 20 people and take 1-2 hours.
  • From Kratie:
    This is probably the best option, take a local bus to Stung Treng ($5-$10) and ask to be dropped at the intersection at Mountant Road. From here you can hail tuk-tuk or motodop to take you to Koh Preah ferry.


Alternatively, you can travel further until you reach Aur Pour Moan, a bus station where all buses coming from Stung Treng and Ratanakiri stop. Here you are sure to find a tuk-tuk or motodop that can take you to the ferry.

  • Departure:
    Motodops ($2.50 USD) can be arranged from the island ferry north to Aur Pour Moan, where you can hop on a bus west to Stung Treng, East to Ratanakiri or retrace your steps south to Kratie. Buses shouldn’t cost more than $5-$7.
  • Southern Boats:
    Private boats can be arranged direct from the island to travel south on the Mekong, if you have the budget. Boats from Koh Preah to Sambour (close to The Koh Pdao Homestay) and take 3.5 hours and cost $100 for four people.

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