Buying local products in Cambodia supports local communities and creates jobs

Buying local products in Cambodia is important for the local economy. According to the figures, in 2014, international visitors spent more than 100 million USD on souvenirs. Unfortunately, in Siem Reap 80 % of the souvenirs products come from neighbouring countries and are mass-produced. There will be lot of possibilities to find nice souvenirs for your personal entourage, but be aware of the manufacturing country as most of the cheap items come from China or Thailand.



If you have limited time and want to make sure your souvenirs are locally made, there is a great online options for Style & Soul you https://styleandsoul-cambodia.com/. This company only works with socially conscious businesses, non-profit organisations and start-ups that produce their products locally and pay fair wages to their staff. We would recommend them to anyone who wants a hassle-free service and next day delivery to your hotel/flat with payments options through Paypal and cash at delivery.



  • Cambodian Handicraft Association is a workshop, where silk clothes, scarf, bags are created by victims of the anti-personal mines. In the same way, Tabitha is a NGO shop well known for its collection of silk bags, decoration items and toys. The profit contributes to the development of the development of rural communities.
  • Daughters: it is NGO managing various program in order to help and train former sex trade worker. The members manufacture clothes, bags, accessories, with ecological cotton and natural dyes.
  • Street 240: You will find as well several retail outlets and eateries. This street is considered as the artsy street in Phnom Penh, apart from the touristic markets. The street represents well the French villas and lifestyle of colonial period. Several NGOs promotes fair trade products in this street, such as Wanderlust, Bliss and Subtly. Furthermore, the Shop Water lily propose a wide range of jewelry and accessories quiet eccentric and folkloric. You might as well drinking and dining French Mediterranean dishes and bring traditional Belgian chocolate with special ingredient from the Mondolkiri mountain.
  • Cambodian Creation produces a range of stylish and contemporary products ethically made. All items are made with fair trade products and are a part of a collaboration with many social enterprises such as Cambodia knits, khmer creation and Fariweave.
  • Artisan designer sells handicrafts and wooden products made from local materials. You will find women scarves and pure Cambodia silk from all over Cambodia.
  • Russian Market is the most popular place to buy souvenir in Phnom Penh for expatriates and local people. Thee Psar O russei sell different type of food, costume jewelry, toiletries, use clothes and a lot of varieties of items. The Russian Market offers a unique experience and a good selections of traditional souvenir and unique Cambodian’s made fashions. instead of its name Russian, you might not find Russian products. The name was established due to the plenty Russian people living in this area in the 1980’s.
  • Street 178 Close to the Royal palace, street 178 is the popular street for souvenir shops and galleries. It is the street to look around for artistic items. Many galleries propose popular Cambodia art and as well quality handicraft and silk boutiques.
    If you are keen reader, you might look around D’s Books to have a relaxing reading time and enjoy reuse books.
    The street offers a range of galleries to buy a Buddha.
  • Ta Prohom Souvenir shop is managing by a former landmine survivor. She gives training as a tailor for disable people and support livelihood for people in Cambodia. With their unique style of silk and accessories, home wares, they export their products internationally.
  • Friends International shop : after tasting or eating in the Friends restaurant, come over buy products made by the parents of children , from different project of the organisation. You can as well have a manicure or a massage. They sell all unique handmade products such as bags, clothes and jewelry.



  • Cambolac offers a choice of wide hand-made souvenirs, and home decoration products ranging from boxes, candles-holders to candles, plates… AS the same time, you participate to a good cause in buying their unique proprietary design for the young adults from the Angkor’s Park poor communities. Indeed, 80% of local souvenirs sold in Cambodian are still imported. http://www.cambolac.com/
  • Senteurs d’Angkor shop you should visit after visiting Angkor Wat. All their products come from Cambodia, from their raw materials to their packaging materials. They build their philosophy by ensuring incomes in order to reduce the country’s poverty and reduce the importation of goods. To guarantee the authenticity of their product, the provincial government awarded them for their contribution to the cultural richness of Siem reap.



Buying local products in Cambodian create jobs for Cambodians and support the national economy. It helps as well to preserve and develop traditional Khmer handicrafts. When you buy fair trade products, you adhere and support the fair trade practices by ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions, non-exploitation of children, paying living wages.

The government registered a label to help the visitor to distinguish the local made products from the fake imported products. If you find the label Angkor Handicraft Association (AHA), you will have the guaranty of the product. Likewise, this label support entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices. These models create a real impact to alleviate poverty. Indeed, the large flows of imported souvenirs and machine made duplicate product from traditional handicraft force people to do other activities such as farming, to supplement their income. Therefore supporting the local product aims to help local artisans. As matter of fact, it means developing capacity building in the rural areas.



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