Birding adventure at Prek Toal floating village

Prek Toal is a large floating village on the Tonle Sap lake. It is a big village and it was an adventure to get there! In dry season, Prek Toal is hard to get to because the water levels are low. My friend and I experienced this first hand as we visited at the driest time of the year, just before rainy season started. We took a tuk tuk ride... read more

My experience of rural Cambodia at Khnar Po

When our tuk tuk pulled up to the village of Chio in the Khnar Po community, one of our guides was waiting to welcome us. Although he didn’t speak any English, he greeted my friend and I with a huge smile, and beckoned us to follow him. We walked through the village, past the school and a few stilted houses... read more

Riverside adventures in Koh Han

Koh Han is a really extraordinary place –it has everything I could have wished for, tranquillity, a friendly community, beautiful river scenery, and a very warm welcome. I loved watching people going about their daily lives on the river, transporting goods to market... read more

Discovering Banteay Chhmar magic

If you are interested in the Angkorian Cambodian history, Banteay Chhmar temples are a must-see for you! You will not see large tour groups here, crowded sidewalks or tourists spoiling your amazing shots. Banteay Chhmar temples are a unique historic site, that offers tranquilly... read more

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